External Safety Specialists

All your safety needs covered by one partner

A safety specialist is not only necessary and useful for large businesses. In most cases, this is a role that is best outsourced – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As an external safety specialist, we evaluate your operation and create all necessary safety and hazard documents.

Planning & Audits of Workstations

We advise during the planning of new workstations, the acquisition of new equipment and changes to tools and materials.


We examine and advise on the development of new workflows as well as current processes. Both safety and productivity are our focus.

Fire Protection

From fire prevention to planning protocols and procedures in case of fire, we stand by your side and secure your company against catastrophic fire and personal damage.

Hazard Analysis

In addition to fire protection, there are many other hazards that need to be analyzed and covered with safety measures and accident plans. There are often more sources of danger than you are aware of!

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