Maintenance & Repairs

Repair, testing and certification for machines of all kinds.

Our Services

We take care of your machines and facilities – no matter the size. With our service, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Inspection & Certifications

As external safety experts and CE product coordinators, we can carry out annual inspections, certify new facilities and refurbishments and determine conditions and maintenance needs.


With regular inspections, preventive measures and careful maintenance, we keep your machines in top condition. This minimizes risk and maintains efficiency.


If something breaks or needs to be replaced, we are happy to take care of repairs, replacement parts or refurbishments. We quickly get everything back to operational.

Our employees have 15 years of experience in technical maintenance.
With this know-how, we can cover all machines in the technical field.

Sample projects

Transport system for hardening furnace

A 60-year-old furnace had to be renewed for a rolling/ball-bearing manufacturer. With detailed 3D scans, we first analyzed the entire facility, then made specific interventions to develop the transport system without having to replace the entire facility.

As a result, the facility was not only modernized but also safety-certified and future-proofed.

Maintenance & upgrade of a filtering system

We began with an inventory of the filtering system and an analysis of the weaknesses, wear and tear and potential for improvement.

For maintenance, replacement parts were procured and installed and some new elements were added.

After the system was successfully tested, we trained the customer’s employees on how to use and maintain the system and we also re-integrated the revised filtering system into the production process with the customer.

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