Measurements & Analyses

Competitive advantages through optimized systems and equipment

Save costs, reduce risks, increase output

Whenever compressed air, gas, heat or liquids are used, leaks, blockages and bottlenecks can occur. These are often measurable only with high-end equipment – but still cause costs and risks. With our equipment, we can locate and fix or advise on them.

Save Money

Detailed measurements often require high-end equipment – these do not have to be purchased separately when external experts are commissioned.

Identify Problems

Many problems and hazards are only visible when damage has already occurred – unless regular measurements and controls are carried out.

Conserve Resources

Energy, water and heat can be wasted in large quantities by small leaks – or saved by measures.

Some of our devices

Fluke ii910 Industrial Sound Camera

A high-end device for quick location of air, gas and vacuum leaks.

With 64 individual digital MEMS microphones, even minimal leaks are quickly found. The device can visually represent the leaks through additional cameras and record them both as images and videos.

Flow meter PCE-TDS 100HSH+

 This ultrasonic flow meter uses the time-of-flight method to determine the flow rate and flow of liquids in pipelines.

All types of liquids can be measured – water, oils, fuels and various mixtures.

These measurements are particularly interesting in filter systems, cleaning systems and liquid-based manufacturing processes.

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