Our Filter Services

Full-Service filtration systems for process filtration

All-in-one service: From consultation to installation

You can order filters directly from us or have us consult you first. We can analyze your existing or planned systems, advise you on selection and, if desired, also install and maintain the filters.

Automatic Filters

Reliable and flexible

Automatic filter systems provide uninterrupted long-term operation with minimal effort.

The greatest advantage of such a filter system is its continuous operation, allowing your processes to run without interruption. The cleaning of these filters is fully automated and cost-effective.

The cleaning can be done in various ways:

  • With own medium
  • With pressurized own medium
  • With foreign medium
  • Mechanical

Automatic filters can be built and configured very individually to provide maximum performance and cost savings.

We are happy to plan, develop and install the perfect filter system for you!

Filter Cases

Easy to refit

Our filter cases offer high reliability in combination with many options for the filter medium.

The advantage of filter cases is the separation from the actual filter medium. This allows for easy changes to the application area, fineness or filtered media.

Usable filters:

  • Bag filters
  • Folded elements
  • Strainers
  • Candles
  • High-flow elements

Additional accessories can also be installed, such as valves (pressure, temperature, etc.), a way to extract samples or expansions for emptying and venting.

Air Filters

Versatile in use

In many cases, air filters are necessary to protect employees, machines, processes and the environment.

As versatile as the application area, our air filters are also. From classic ventilation filters to EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters to special filters, we can get everything for you.

We will advise you on the selection of the design, the filter class and the correct filter material. We can also install and maintain the finished filter.

With 7 available filter materials, 7 different designs, 16 filter classes and customized implementation, we will definitely find the most effective solution for your system!

Filter Elements

In addition to complete filter systems, we can also provide and install individual filter elements for filters of all kinds.

Bag filters

Just right for your requirements with a fineness of 1 to 2000 µm, 7+ materials and many different types of filter material and granulate fillings.

For particularly high flow volumes, pleated bag filters are ideal with high filter effectiveness and dirt absorption due to the multi-layer construction.

Filter candles

These filter elements are used in the filtration of foods, technical liquids, chemicals and more. Here too, we offer a wide range of pore sizes, lengths, adapters and manufacturing for different applications.

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