Audits & Training

We inspect and certify your facilities and train your employees.

With our services, you can feel safe.

The variety of legal requirements, obligations and hazards cause many small businesses a lot of headaches. Let us take these worries off your hands!

Shelf inspections

According to ÖNORM EN 15635, employers are required to have regular shelf inspections carried out.

As certified shelf inspectors, we can quickly and efficiently carry out these inspections during ongoing operations.

Equipment Inspection

We carry out regular inspections for your operation according to the regulation on equipment at work (Arbeitsmittelverordnung AM-VO §6) – the acceptance, initial inspection and periodic review of equipment.

SGU Training

Safety and health protection training is mandatory annually. We offer these as an external service provider and carry out this training for your employees.

Maintenance Training

We develop the processes for maintenance & maintenance of your facilities and train your employees in these processes.

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