Development of Custom Systems

Unique solutions, individually developed for you

Why switch to custom-made machines

Time-Consuming Work

One of our special systems was able to reduce a manual cleaning effort of 1-2 hours per day to just a few minutes.

Such optimizations are possible in almost any industrial process and can not only save costs, but also increase output at the same time.

Safety Risks

Whether it’s heavy loads, dangerous materials or fragile small parts – a well-designed special system minimizes human risk, eliminates sources of error and accelerates work steps in many areas.

Unique Requirements

When the product, material or production process deviates from common standards, it is often difficult to find suitable machines.

With our custom-made solutions, highly optimized and efficient processes can be created without having to sacrifice individuality or quality.

Our process

1. In-depth analysis

Together, we work out a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the problem, requirements and the ideal solution.

2. Creative solutions

With our experience and specialist partners in many areas, we develop unique solution concepts.

3. Manufacturing

Once the developed solution works, the machine, component or system is manufactured by us. We can take care of everything on our own or work with your partners.

4. Installation

We install and assemble the finished facility at your location and test/certify it if necessary.

3. Maintenance

Even after the project is completed, we stand by you as a partner for maintenance and repair, as well as adjustments and later upgrades,.

Sample projects:

Innovative lifting aid

Turbochargers come in various shapes and were a problem during production for an automotive customer: heavy, but too varied and fragile for conventional gripping machines or hoists.

NoBa Solution was finally able to develop a lifting aid that can be attached to all turbochargers and safely connects them with regular lifting machines – safely, quickly and efficiently.

Fully automated production station

For an error-prone production process in the photovoltaic field, we have developed and certified a facility that automates the entire process – faster, safer and error-free.

Two production processes can run in parallel and can be loaded and unloaded independently of each other.

The process includes plasma cleaning of surfaces, glue application and screwing of individual parts.

Fully automated cleaning process

For another customer, we were able to transform a complex cleaning process into a single, fully automated facility.

The component is driven into the facility, cleaned with sub- and overhead water rinsing, dried with hot air and returned to the conveyor belt. The water is filtered and reused.

Controlled by software, this facility saves a lot of effort and time and guarantees a thorough cleaning of each component.

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