Workstation Evaluation

We take care of your obligations, make your operation safe, protect you from fines and increase your productivity.

Our services keep you and your employees safe.

The variety of legal requirements, obligations and hazards causes many small businesses a lot of headaches. Let us take these worries off your hands!

Workstation Safety

The workplace itself must also be safe – otherwise, you are not only at risk of penalties but also accidents, employee absences and reduced work performance.

We inspect your workplaces, optimize safety and procedures and can offer individual tools and facilities.


For particularly difficult work steps, we can advise you and your employees on exoskeletons and use modern measurement methods to determine an accurate analysis of the loads.

This way we can equip your employees with the latest active and passive exoskeletons that make the work more ergonomic and safe.

CE Certification

We offer the initial and regularly necessary CE certifications for your machines and create or evaluate existing risk assessments.

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